Making a Change to Your Education

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5 Reasons To Go Back To School For An Associate's Degree

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If you’re thinking of going back to school to learn more and get a degree, you should! This can be a great way to challenge yourself and also prove to yourself that it’s possible. Many people who choose to go back to school decide to pursue an associate’s degree. This can offer a shorter college program but still offers a chance to earn a degree. Here are some reasons to go back to school for an associate’s degree. Read More»

Considering Becoming A Nurse Coach? What You Need To Know

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If you are a registered nurse and you want to go into a different direction of nursing, you may want to consider becoming a nurse coach. A nurse coach is one who interacts with patients to help them develop a results-oriented outcome for the health of the body as a whole. If you are interested in becoming a nurse coach, the following information may be helpful to you: What Does a Nurse Coach Do? Read More»